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The Myth of Matthew 18: What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say

In Evangelical circles we’ve heard so much about Matthew 18, that you simply need to reference the chapter and many people know you are talking specifically about verses fifteen through seventeen. People talk about the “Matthew 18 Process” and ask … Continue reading

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Something Strange is Happening…

Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep. The earth trembled and is still because God has fallen asleep in the flesh … Continue reading

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Love Allows No Syncretism with Consumerism (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life, Part 1c)

On Sunday morning you worship at church, on Tuesday attend a Buddhist meditation session, on Thursday, a Muslim recitation of the Qu’ran and Friday a Jewish Sabbath Eve service. Of course to modern ears this sounds like stretching the bounds … Continue reading

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Love Means Renouncing Indifference (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life, Part 1b)

A life poured out in love is the starting point of all true Christianity, the source and summit of all true humanity. God in Christ has invited us as His people to live as redeemed and redemptive truly human beings … Continue reading

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Being a Prophetic Voice in Times of Disaster

From the time when a major natural disaster strikes, one can hold their breath until people have quickly announced that such a tragedy (which incidentally, happened in a place far, far away and did not remotely touch the speaker) was … Continue reading

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The Ability to Love is Within Each of Us

Love of God is not something that can be taught. We did not learn from someone else how to rejoice in light or want to live, or to love our parents or guardians. It is the same – perhaps even … Continue reading

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Emotions Commanded in Scripture

The Scripture does not only command us to do certain activites. We are also commanded to feel certain emotions. Thus an emotion-less obedience is not in fact full obedience. God calls us to follow and obey him with our entire … Continue reading

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