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Why Greek Matters (Part 10) – Knowing the Love of Christ – Is it about “me” or “us”?

“It’s all about me and Jesus” — a sentiment frequently made to express the fervency of one’s personal relationship with God. Such fervency is, with no doubt, remarkably valuable. The question remains whether this is a sufficient statement of Christian … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in Widescreen

Definitely a first world problem — you want to watch a movie and the only DVD available is in the dreaded full-screen edition — the version that chops off the edges of the film to make it fit into a … Continue reading

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Understanding (the Bible) is an End in Itself

Picture this scene and imagine how many millions of times it has happened – after an extended conversation between a married couple, one of them with shoulders dropping and the pitch of their voice falling says, “but you’re not listening … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Unbabeled: When the Day of Pentecost Had Fully Come (Part 2)

The advent of the Spirit is actually reversing the curse of Babel. The Spirit of God brings diverse peoples together as one family and one “kin-group.” The Spirit forges the Church as a new humanity which is reunited as a downpayment and sign of God’s eschatological purposes to bring all peoples to unity before God. Continue reading

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Overcoming Quick-Fix Anxiety (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life, Part 2c)

Shortcuts in the spiritual life tend to have a detrimental payoff in the long run. Foundations laid with anxiety and haste become the bane of feigned maturity built on an insecure base of imminent collapse. Why do people feel the … Continue reading

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Spirit and Flesh Part 2

In the last post I developed the idea of flesh/spirit, particularly from the angle of eschatology. To understanding the Spirit biblically, it must be considered in light of eschatology because the Spirit is the life and power of the age … Continue reading

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The Person and History of the Holy Spirit Part 2: Trinitarian Ecstasy (cont.)

Previously, we discussed how the Scripture describes the very nature of the Spirit as fellowship or relationship. Not only does fellowship constitute the essential nature of the Holy Spirit, but Scripture seems to indicate that the Holy Spirit himself is … Continue reading

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