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Prayers for Revival – Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 1:5ff)

In general, Jewish people reject Jesus as being the Messiah for one central reason. It is because Jesus did not do what the Messiah was expected to do. Christians speak of Jesus “dying for their sin,” “saving their soul,” or … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in the Right Direction (Part 4) – The Overarching Story of Scripture

If you were to summarize the overarching story-line of the Bible, what would you say? What if you had to do it in only one sentence? I will attempt to do exactly this in only seven words and I have … Continue reading

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Resurrection and New Creation (Part 1) – The Jewish Concept of Resurrection

Though resurrection was the central message of the early Apostolic Church and a central theme through the New Testament, resurrection is of such minor note in the Old Testament it cannot even warrant being called a theme. It only is … Continue reading

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How to Pray the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer (Part 1) – Christian Year Overview

Celebrating the Christian Year has been by far one of the most significant, dynamic and moving spiritual practices that I have ever engaged in. It may seem strange that to begin guiding you in how to pray the Daily Office … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 1 – The Divine Name

A friend recently asked me to condense some thoughts on the concept of “new exodus.” Surprisingly, especially if such a concept is new to you, I believe that “new exodus” is one of the primary interpretive frameworks for understanding the … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Justification Part 2

An excerpt from “Saved By His Life” – a new paper I am working on: Understanding of Paul’s soteriology (doctrine of salvation) has usually focused exclusively or almost exclusively on the crucifixion. In the early church, this was understood primarily … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Justification Part 1

An excerpt from “Saved By His Life” – a new paper I am working on: Since the Protestant Reformation, “justification by faith” has been the articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae—the article by which the church stands or falls. Stressing the … Continue reading

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