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Maintaining Hope in the Journey (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life Part 2d)

Soon after we overcome the anxiety of needing spiritual quick-fixes—thus setting our sights on a long-term journey of growth, depth and maturity—the difficult, and at times, demoralizing reality of such a journey becomes apparent. If I will bear much fruit … Continue reading

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Why Greek Matters (Part 7) – The Genesis of Jesus the Messiah (Genealogies Really Matter!)

I know its easy to skip genealogies when reading to Bible. Loads of detail with little yield. Though this might not be immediately apparent, the genealogies in the Gospels are rich with theological significance. Names such as Judah, Ruth, David, … Continue reading

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Confronting the Sin of Despair – Hope as a Theology of Resistance

It is not so much sin that plunges us into disaster, as rather despair (John Chrysostom) Revelation 21:7-8 – “The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son. 8But … Continue reading

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An Advent Meditation on the Nature of Hope

The following is an excerpt from the book that has likely had the singular most significant impact on my life outside the Bible, Theology of Hope by Jurgen Moltmann. Since the Advent season is significantly centers around our hope in … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in the Right Direction (Part 4) – The Overarching Story of Scripture

If you were to summarize the overarching story-line of the Bible, what would you say? What if you had to do it in only one sentence? I will attempt to do exactly this in only seven words and I have … Continue reading

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Ascension Day???

I am gathering that Ascension Day has come to such a low place of recognition because in the average evangelical consciousness, the possible meaning for the ascension is rather opaque. Perhaps, if at all, it is endowed with a negative meaning – Jesus is no longer with us in person. We are alone to do what he told us to do until he finally comes back. I hope in the following to merely in outline, amend this theological lacuna, which turns out to be significantly more practical and pastoral than one at first might imagine. Continue reading

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Advent Prayers (2)

Advent 1 Blessed are you, Sovereign Lord, God of our ancestors: to you be praise and glory for ever! You called the patriarchs to live by the light of faith and to journey in the hope of your promised fulfilment. … Continue reading

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