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Why Greek Matters (Part 9) – The Prodigal Son and the Resurrection of the Dead

Small details sometimes mean little – at other times they contribute significantly to the meaning of a passage. In the familiar story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, a verb occurs twice that often is translated  “get up” (NRSV, … Continue reading

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Out of Exile: When the Day of Pentecost Had Fully Come (Part 4)

As we continue to explore the meaning of Pentecost in light of the narrative of Old Testament history, today our journey brings us to Ezekiel 37. In this passage, the prophet Ezekiel is given a vision in which he sees … Continue reading

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Why Greek Matters (Part 7) – The Genesis of Jesus the Messiah (Genealogies Really Matter!)

I know its easy to skip genealogies when reading to Bible. Loads of detail with little yield. Though this might not be immediately apparent, the genealogies in the Gospels are rich with theological significance. Names such as Judah, Ruth, David, … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in the Right Direction (Part 4) – The Overarching Story of Scripture

If you were to summarize the overarching story-line of the Bible, what would you say? What if you had to do it in only one sentence? I will attempt to do exactly this in only seven words and I have … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 3 – The Ending of Exile

I realize that this is the third post thus far entitled “new exodus” and I have as of yet mentioned neither what the New Exodus in fact is nor its significance. Instead, I have given thoughts on the divine name … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 2 – The Historical Revelation of God

In the last post, I proposed that the revelation of the divine name “Yahweh” to Moses at the burning bush is better translated “I will be” rather than “I AM.” Instead of relating to static categories of existence or other … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 1 – The Divine Name

A friend recently asked me to condense some thoughts on the concept of “new exodus.” Surprisingly, especially if such a concept is new to you, I believe that “new exodus” is one of the primary interpretive frameworks for understanding the … Continue reading

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