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The Ability to Love is Within Each of Us

Love of God is not something that can be taught. We did not learn from someone else how to rejoice in light or want to live, or to love our parents or guardians. It is the same – perhaps even … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions, Industrial Holiness and the Spirituality of Life

I am personally not a fan of new-years resolutions, because most never get accomplished. However, I’ve decided to take some time to reflect on what it might mean to “sanctify” the coming year to God. My thoughts here are following … Continue reading

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Emotions Commanded in Scripture

The Scripture does not only command us to do certain activites. We are also commanded to feel certain emotions. Thus an emotion-less obedience is not in fact full obedience. God calls us to follow and obey him with our entire … Continue reading

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Prayers for Revival – the Fire of Love and Holiness

Inspired by Isaiah 42 and Zephaniah 3 O God, who does not break a bruised reed, nor extinguish a smoldering wick: so breathe upon the embers by your great mercy sustained within your Church, that renewed in zeal and holiness, … Continue reading

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Liturgical Explorations – A Prefatory Autobiographical Rumination (Part 2)

(continuing from the last entry…) Several years later, I enrolled at Houghton College, a Christian (Wesleyan) college in Western New York. During the first week of classes, we had nightly services which were a vestigial form of revival services. On … Continue reading

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The Person and History of the Holy Spirit Part 2: Trinitarian Ecstasy (cont.)

Previously, we discussed how the Scripture describes the very nature of the Spirit as fellowship or relationship. Not only does fellowship constitute the essential nature of the Holy Spirit, but Scripture seems to indicate that the Holy Spirit himself is … Continue reading

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