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We’ve Been Unbabeled: When the Day of Pentecost Had Fully Come (Part 2)

The advent of the Spirit is actually reversing the curse of Babel. The Spirit of God brings diverse peoples together as one family and one “kin-group.” The Spirit forges the Church as a new humanity which is reunited as a downpayment and sign of God’s eschatological purposes to bring all peoples to unity before God. Continue reading

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Why Greek Matters (Part 7) – The Genesis of Jesus the Messiah (Genealogies Really Matter!)

I know its easy to skip genealogies when reading to Bible. Loads of detail with little yield. Though this might not be immediately apparent, the genealogies in the Gospels are rich with theological significance. Names such as Judah, Ruth, David, … Continue reading

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Prayers for Revival – Hatred of Sin

The problem with sin is not “because God said so.” Sin is a cancerous force which seeks to destroy all that is good, true and beautiful, leaving the wreckage of alienation and death in the wake of its violence. In … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in the Right Direction (Part 4) – The Overarching Story of Scripture

If you were to summarize the overarching story-line of the Bible, what would you say? What if you had to do it in only one sentence? I will attempt to do exactly this in only seven words and I have … Continue reading

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The Relationship of Christianity to Other Religions

Any discussion of how Christianity relates to other religions must first begin with a clear and concrete articulation of what Christianity is centrally about. Much discussion on religious pluralism assumes or posits a universal notion of what is “central” to religions (a norm to which Christianity conforms) or that the content of Christianity is flexible (that which does not conform to the “center” is shed)… Continue reading

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Remember That You are Dust…

  Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the six-and-a-half week season of Lent. The part we all know about Ash Wednesday is that people get ashes smudged on their foreheads and walk around looking somewhat goofy for the rest … Continue reading

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