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A Prayer for the Love of Life

O God, who deemed the creation exceedingly good, richly supplies us with all things to enjoy, and through the raising of Jesus from the dead infuses the world with life ever new: awaken in your people an undreamt-of love for … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 2 – The Historical Revelation of God

In the last post, I proposed that the revelation of the divine name “Yahweh” to Moses at the burning bush is better translated “I will be” rather than “I AM.” Instead of relating to static categories of existence or other … Continue reading

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Behold the Lamb of God – Prayer for Epiphany 2

In a few posts I’ve included prayers for the current season that have been taken from established liturgies. The following is my first hand at writing my own prayers in a liturgical style. It is based on the readings that … Continue reading

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Pentecost – The Coming of the Holy Spirit

This past Sunday was Pentecost, a day on which believers for many, many years have celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit to dwell with and within the people of God. Even before it was a celebration of the Spirit … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

This is my first and rather uneventful entry in my new blog. I figure for such a moment I should do nothing more or less than plot my course. I like to think of myself as a pilgrim, living in … Continue reading

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