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The Myth of Matthew 18: What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say

In Evangelical circles we’ve heard so much about Matthew 18, that you simply need to reference the chapter and many people know you are talking specifically about verses fifteen through seventeen. People talk about the “Matthew 18 Process” and ask … Continue reading

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Prayers for Revival – Hatred of Sin

The problem with sin is not “because God said so.” Sin is a cancerous force which seeks to destroy all that is good, true and beautiful, leaving the wreckage of alienation and death in the wake of its violence. In … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 4 – The Ending of Exile and the Forgiveness of Sins

Last time, I wrote about the “new exodus,” describing it as a way of speaking of the ending of the Jewish exile while investing it with the epochal significance of replacing the Exodus as the defining event in Israel’s history … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Justification Part 1

An excerpt from “Saved By His Life” – a new paper I am working on: Since the Protestant Reformation, “justification by faith” has been the articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae—the article by which the church stands or falls. Stressing the … Continue reading

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Jesus the Crucified and Resurrected Lord Part 1

A friend recently asked me whether I align myself more with the “theology of the cross” or the “theology of glory.” Not really understanding what he meant by either of those terms, I asked for a clarification. The “theology of … Continue reading

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