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Why Greek Matters (Part 9) – The Prodigal Son and the Resurrection of the Dead

Small details sometimes mean little – at other times they contribute significantly to the meaning of a passage. In the familiar story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, a verb occurs twice that often is translated  “get up” (NRSV, … Continue reading

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Out of Exile: When the Day of Pentecost Had Fully Come (Part 4)

As we continue to explore the meaning of Pentecost in light of the narrative of Old Testament history, today our journey brings us to Ezekiel 37. In this passage, the prophet Ezekiel is given a vision in which he sees … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 4 – The Ending of Exile and the Forgiveness of Sins

Last time, I wrote about the “new exodus,” describing it as a way of speaking of the ending of the Jewish exile while investing it with the epochal significance of replacing the Exodus as the defining event in Israel’s history … Continue reading

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New Exodus – Part 3 – The Ending of Exile

I realize that this is the third post thus far entitled “new exodus” and I have as of yet mentioned neither what the New Exodus in fact is nor its significance. Instead, I have given thoughts on the divine name … Continue reading

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Behold the Lamb of God – Prayer for Epiphany 2

In a few posts I’ve included prayers for the current season that have been taken from established liturgies. The following is my first hand at writing my own prayers in a liturgical style. It is based on the readings that … Continue reading

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Pentecost – The Coming of the Holy Spirit

This past Sunday was Pentecost, a day on which believers for many, many years have celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit to dwell with and within the people of God. Even before it was a celebration of the Spirit … Continue reading

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Jesus the Crucified and Resurrected Lord Part 1

A friend recently asked me whether I align myself more with the “theology of the cross” or the “theology of glory.” Not really understanding what he meant by either of those terms, I asked for a clarification. The “theology of … Continue reading

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