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When the NIV Gets Tricksy (Why Greek Matters Part 13)

I am one of the last people I know to dog on the NIV. Honestly, I think its a fairly decent translation. Not my favorite modern english translation, but decent. Nevertheless, there are moments when reading the NIV that make … Continue reading

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God is Like a Crazy Screaming Woman

Picture the scene – a homely middle eastern woman of late antiquity runs out of her house frantically flailing her arms, the rough weave of her woolen head covering flying about. Shouting and screaming, barely able to keep her sandals … Continue reading

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Emotions Commanded in Scripture

The Scripture does not only command us to do certain activites. We are also commanded to feel certain emotions. Thus an emotion-less obedience is not in fact full obedience. God calls us to follow and obey him with our entire … Continue reading

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