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A Life Poured Out in Love is the Starting Point of All True Christianity (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life, Part 1a)

This is the beginning of a series in which I hope to distill a synthesis of some lessons I’ve learned regarding the manner in which one cultivates a deep spiritual life.¬† My intention is to combine both an understanding of … Continue reading

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Why Use Written Prayers? (A series explaining the logic and reasons behind Christian liturgy and worship)

Among Evangelical and Charismatic Christians, reactions to liturgical aspects of worship and prayer vary greatly from intrigue, to delight, to bewilderment, to straight up scoffing. This series will attempt to explain some of the reasons behind liturgical prayer aimed at … Continue reading

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Emotions Commanded in Scripture

The Scripture does not only command us to do certain activites. We are also commanded to feel certain emotions. Thus an emotion-less obedience is not in fact full obedience. God calls us to follow and obey him with our entire … Continue reading

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Developing a Consistent Prayer Life

My apologies – I meant to say, “how to develop an easy, consistent, diverse, deep, rich in content, broadly-biblical, non-idiosyncratic,¬†Christ-centered, historically-rooted, well-rounded, manageable and profoundly moving prayer life,” but thought that title was at the same time unwieldy and immediately … Continue reading

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He Set My Feet on a Rock

I had a peculiar, yet remarkable experience the other day performing the most simple of actions – shifting my body weight from resting on my heels to the balls of my feet. Modern culture tells us the way to stand … Continue reading

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