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Is Jesus a Narcissist? Christ and Preeminence (Why Greek Matters Part 12)

…he is the head of the body, the church. He is  the beginning,  the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. (Col 1:18 ESV) What does this language of preeminence mean? In somewhat caricatured form, this … Continue reading

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Maintaining Hope in the Journey (Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Life Part 2d)

Soon after we overcome the anxiety of needing spiritual quick-fixes—thus setting our sights on a long-term journey of growth, depth and maturity—the difficult, and at times, demoralizing reality of such a journey becomes apparent. If I will bear much fruit … Continue reading

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What is Spirituality? Part 1 – Christian Spirituality is Not Spiritual

What is “spirituality?” Or, what does it mean to be “spiritual”? Spirituality is often understood as that which relates to the immaterial spirit or soul in contrast to that which is physical or material. In another sense, spirituality is that … Continue reading

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Prayers for Revival – Hatred of Sin

The problem with sin is not “because God said so.” Sin is a cancerous force which seeks to destroy all that is good, true and beautiful, leaving the wreckage of alienation and death in the wake of its violence. In … Continue reading

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Resurrection and New Creation (Part 2) – Whirlwind Tour of the Gospel of John

When Jesus rose from the dead, splendor returned to the world. From the depths of death’s dark gloom, Jesus emerged triumphant and the light of new life shone out permeating the entire earth. God’s redemptive purpose to not abandon the … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible in the Right Direction (Part 4) – The Overarching Story of Scripture

If you were to summarize the overarching story-line of the Bible, what would you say? What if you had to do it in only one sentence? I will attempt to do exactly this in only seven words and I have … Continue reading

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Prayers for Revival – The Spirit of Prayer

The central Biblical text I look to for understanding the “spirit of prayer” is Romans 8. In verses 19 and following, the entire creation is depicted as convulsing under the pains of travail, longing for freedom from the bondage of … Continue reading

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