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Religion is Not a Bad Word

“Christianity is not a religion, its a relationship,” is a mantra I occasionally hear. The more I hear it, the more I am taken aback, wondering what exactly people mean. Whatever they specifically intend, the implication is that “religion” is … Continue reading

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Opposition to Pre-Written Prayers Comes From the Spirit of the Age (Developing a Consistent Prayer Life Part 2)

In my experience, whether talking to evangelicals or charismatics (or evangelical-charismatics), there seems to be a fairly strong opposition to using pre-written forms in either corporate or personal prayer. By this I am mostly referring to using prayers written by … Continue reading

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Liturgical Explorations – A Prefatory Autobiographical Rumination (Part 1)

      I have already asserted my desirous intention to share an aspect of my life in God that is quite current, that is, my recent experiential investigations into the rich liturgical tradition of the Church. To begin this ongoing series … Continue reading

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The Person and History of the Holy Spirit Part 1: The Holy Spirit in Context

In seeking to develop a spirituality that corresponds to the resurrection of Jesus, one that avoids the gnostic and schizoid tendencies of spiritualities that split life in two and quench its vitality, we will take some time to discuss the … Continue reading

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