Readings for the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer

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The following is an aid to help make praying the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) easier. Rather than navigating through the lectionary and then flipping through your Bible to find the daily readings, I copied them out of my Bible program and put them all together in a format you can print out either as a sheet or a booklet. For each day there are two OT readings (the standard assigned reading, plus the OT reading from the alternate year), a NT Epistle reading and a Gospel reading. Most days also have a non-biblical reading from the Catholic version of the Daily Office, most of which are from the early Church Fathers.

To make the booklets, print double sided along the short end and staple down the middle using a long-arm stapler.

This is a work in progress, so over time I’ll be adding what I have done.

Year One starts in the Advent before on ODD numbered year (e.g., 2011, Year one starts in December of 2010-Novemeber 2011)

Year Two starts in the Advent before an EVEN numbered year (e.g., 2010 – Year two starts in December of 2009-November 2010)

For help figuring out where we are in the calendar check here

Year One

Advent and Christmas – booklet /  standard

Epiphany Part 1 – bookletstandard

Epiphany Part 2 – booklet /  standard

Lent Part 1 – bookletstandard

Lent Part 2 – bookletstandard

Easter Part 1 – bookletstandard

Easter Part 2 – bookletstandard

Proper 1-5 – booklet /  standard

Proper 6-9 – booklet /  standard

Proper 10-13 – booklet /  standard

Proper 14-17 – booklet /  standard

Proper 18-21 – booklet /  standard

Proper 22-25 – booklet /  standard

Proper 26-29 – booklet /  standard

Year Two

Advent and Christmas – booklet / standard

Epiphany Part 1 – booklet / standard

Epiphany Part 2 – booklet / standard

Lent Part 1 – booklet / standard

Lent Part 2 – booklet / standard

Easter Part 1 – booklet / standard

Easter Part 2 – booklet / standard

Proper 1-5 – booklet / standard

Proper 6-10 – booklet / standard

Proper 11-14 – bookletstandard

Proper 15-18 – bookletstandard

Proper 19-22 – booklet / standard

Proper 23-25 – booklet / standard

Proper 26-29 – booklet / standard

19 Responses to Readings for the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer

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  4. Alan Kilpatrick says:

    Thanks for these reading! Keep going.

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  6. Victor says:

    Thanks for the great explanation. The readings section was a pleasant surprise: especially the non bible readings from the early church fathers. Would be nice to be able to download them all in a zip file.

  7. Ian Montgomery says:

    I use these and find them very helpful. Have you done major feasts? Can’t seem to find readings for today (St. Andrew)

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  9. Ian Montgomery says:

    Great as always. I use this every day… notice details and typos. Tues Proper 10 is missing the NT reading.

  10. David Garcia says:

    I have been searching high and low for ‘BCP for dummies’ type book and THANK GOD I found your site!! Your instructions are PERFECT!! Thank you for your service to me/us. May I ask what translation of the Bible you used for your readings booklets/sheets?


  11. I’ve begun using these booklets this year and have enjoyed them. I’m considering combining a bunch of the PDFs and printing out a book (using CreateSpace or something like it) that will last a little longer. Would you be willing to send me the Word files that you used so that I can combine them and format them? (If not, I understand.)

    Many thanks for all of the hard work!

  12. Tim says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you so much for these resources on the BCP – they have proven so helpful in getting started. My one potential sticking point with embracing the BCP wholesale is the structure of the Daily Office lectionary. I appreciate the way it covers wide swaths of scripture, and integrates them with the church year, but the evangelical in me is uncomfortable with the idea of omitting certain portions of the Bible (esp. major parts of OT books). I know I could go with a more general “read through the Bible” plan (e.g., McCheyne’s), but I’d prefer not to lose the connections with the church year. Do you know of any whole Bible lectionaries that integrate well with the BCP?


    – Tim

  13. fatherrob says:

    What translation do you use for your readings?

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  16. Amanda P. says:

    What are the propers? Are those for Daily Office? Or just Sunday church services? They don’t look like the Lectionary. I am new to this- feeling pretty confused though I do love your website and turn to it often for clarificatio.

  17. This is a great help to me. Thank you for your effort. Alas, as I compare your documents here with what I find in the daily prayer app from Church of England, the readings don’t match. Am I comparing two different lectionary plans?

  18. Scott Watson says:

    Thanks so much for this great resource! Is there a way to get the patristic readings for the day by themselves, without having to print out all the readings?

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