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What Kind of Prayer Was the Earliest Church Dedicated To? (Why Greek Matters Part 17)

“They were  continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship,to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42 NASB Acts 2:42 is a commonly used text to talk about the community dynamics and priorities of the Church … Continue reading

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See Your Life More Like a Reservoir than a Canal…

The following is from Bernard of Clairvaux’s 18th Sermon on the Song of Songs. The man who is wise, therefore, will see his life as more like a reservoir than a canal. The canal simultaneously pours out what it receives; the … Continue reading

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My Favorite Contemplative / Meditation / Soaking CD

If you like music to meditate, pray or simply rest to, this is the best one I’ve found. It is simple and serene, a masterpiece by one of the twentieth century’s greatest (IMHO) classical composers, Arvo Pärt. He is an … Continue reading

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Why Use Written Prayers? (A series explaining the logic and reasons behind Christian liturgy and worship)

Among Evangelical and Charismatic Christians, reactions to liturgical aspects of worship and prayer vary greatly from intrigue, to delight, to bewilderment, to straight up scoffing. This series will attempt to explain some of the reasons behind liturgical prayer aimed at … Continue reading

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Developing a Consistent Prayer Life

My apologies – I meant to say, “how to develop an easy, consistent, diverse, deep, rich in content, broadly-biblical, non-idiosyncratic, Christ-centered, historically-rooted, well-rounded, manageable and profoundly moving prayer life,” but thought that title was at the same time unwieldy and immediately … Continue reading

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Does Prayer Actually Do Anything??? (Part 1)

The often heard saying, “prayer doesn’t change God…it changes us” is an addage notoriously absent from the Bible. Furthermore, the Scripture never says “be in support of the idea of prayer,” but rather says “be devoted to prayer” (Col. 4:2), … Continue reading

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How to Pray the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer (Part 8) – Morning Prayer

After having gone through the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) order for Evening Prayer in some detail, I will now show some of the unique aspects of Morning Prayer. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are very similar. They both have … Continue reading

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