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Richard Liantonio is a PhD Candidate in Hebrew Bible at the University of Manchester, where he is writing a dissertation on happiness in the Psalms. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with two majors in music and biblical studies at Houghton College and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Biblical Studies) with a Certificate in Biblical Languages at Nazarene Theological Seminary.  He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

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  1. David says:

    Richard ,

    When you pray the Daily Office alone, do you follow the rubrics for sit/stand/kneel or do you stay in one position?


  2. Philip S. says:

    Hi Richard. Mike Morrell and I really appreciate your blog, and think you’d be an excellent candidate for our Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like: http://thespeakeasy.info

    You’re not on any contact lists, I promise; if you don’t respond, that’s it, and the invitation is open as long as you’re actively blogging. Hope you join us!

  3. Richard says:

    David – you can do it either way

  4. Kevin says:

    Richard, just curious; have you done any work with or looked into Augustine’s doctrine of totus Christus? Thanks, Kevin

  5. Richard says:

    I have not Kevin, though I did a quick search and it looks intriguing. What are your thoughts?

  6. Fr. Ian Montgomery says:

    I love the downloads and like to use them every day for my private daily office recitation. Is it possible for you to make hot the links that are currently inactive in Year 2?

  7. philosophotarian says:


    Will you be continuing the series on praying the daily office from the Common Book of Prayer?

  8. Tarisa says:

    What about the scriptures that are opposed to rote prayers?

  9. Richard says:

    Hello Tarisa – which scripture verses are you referring to which are opposed to “rote prayers?” I address some of the opposition to written prayers and some scripture verses commonly thought of as opposed to written prayers here: http://www.richardliantonio.com/blog/2009/07/opposition-to-pre-written-prayers-comes-from-the-spirit-of-the-age/

  10. Hi Richard. I am attending seminary in the Chicago area. I am doing my CPE at Research this summer. I am looking at ordination in an Anglican denomination PEAR USA. Do you recommend an Anglican church for me to attend this summer? email me. Thanks!

  11. elianna242 says:

    I have the BCP 350th anniversary edition. I am having difficulty getting my bearings. Where should i look to find the section that you call “The Opening”?

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